this site hosts some open source code released under the GNU Public License (GPL) (see also http://www.gnu.org for the original document).

please make sure to understand the consequences of this license before using the software from this site, thanks.

all the code on this site has its origin in customer projects where the customers agreed on releasing it as open source. some of the code has been heavily changed compared to the state where the original project ended. former customers are free to use these updated versions at their will (as long as it conforms to the GPL).

a lot of information on this site is just available in english, as it is generated directly from the development sources. sorry for that. see the development guidelines for an explanation of this.

as with many open source projects, there is a fundamental lack of documentation. what exists can be downloaded, but there is no more. please don't ask. there isn't.
if you feel you need more docs, the company providing this code will be happy to create it at a reasonable cost. please contact them for further information.

notes concerning the documentation:
  • javadoc and source code cross reference only exist for the most recent build.
  • links from third party classes' javadoc to external references don't work as they point to a local reference instead of the official location on the internet.