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-- FILE ---------------------------------------------------------------------
-- name       : BuildNews.txt
-- project    : BoarderZone: Development Environment
-- created    : Leon Poyyayil - 2003-01-25
-- language   : English
-- environment: the human readers mind ... ;-)
-- copyright  : (c) 1990-2016 by Leon Poyyayil (private), Switzerland
-- license    : this is free software licensed under the GPL. see COPYING

This file contains a description of the major code changes between builds of
the java and web-site code for which are relevant to developers.
See doc/BuildVersioning.txt for a more detailed description of how to read it.

version: 0.16.645
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2016-07-10 03:55:12
status:  alpha
- build process:
  - lib/twelvemonkeys-imageio.jar: updated to version 3.2.1
    => adds support for .hdr reading, .tif writing and tiff fax encoding reading
- package net.boarderzone.afw:
  - Application: added handler for unhandled thread exceptions to log them
- package net.boarderzone.gui.widget:
  - FileHandlerRunnerBase: fixed to open the file handler frame in the Swing UI thread
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.zipviewer:
  - ZipViewer: fixed to also trim white space from file names when extracting
    => this will help in viewing/extracting contents of .zip files with corrupt
       and/or invalid file names (such as .kml with trailing space on file names)
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.javashell.imagetool:
  - ImageDraw: changed to allow negative target coordinates (useful for cropping)
- package
  - JceCertViewerPanel: fixed to display signature algorithm again in details tab
- package net.boarderzone.sound:
  - AudioPlayer: reworked multi-thread synchronisation in order to work around a
    linux-specific deadlock (related to PulseAudio implementation of OpenJDK) when
    closing an AudioViewer frame while it is playing back audio

version: 0.16.644
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2016-05-18 06:42:14
status:  alpha
- package net.boarderzone.apps.file.browser:
  - MANIFEST.MF: added ImageIO plugin jar files to classpath (TwelveMonkey and JAI)
    => this now automatically registers all ImageIO plugins (readers & writers)
    => new image file formats are now available when saving images from clipboard
       (independently of having first opened the ImageViewer plugin ...)
- package net.boarderzone.image.tool:
  - ImageIOHelper: added support for registering writer plugins too (not only readers)
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.audioviewer:
  - AudioViewer: fixed to properly close the file when it has been played
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.imageviewer:
  - ImageBrowserHandlerDependency.xml: removed dependency on bz-image.jar
  - ImageViewer: moved ImageIO plugin registration into app
  - ImageViewerHandlerDependency.xml: removed dependency on bz-image.jar
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.pdfviewer:
  - PdfViewer: moved ImageIO plugin registration into app
  - PdfViewerHandlerDependency.xml: removed dependency on bz-image.jar
- package net.boarderzone.sound.gui:
  - AudioSampleDisplayPanel: fixed potential division by zero

version: 0.16.643
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2016-05-10 06:44:29
status:  developmental
- build process:
  - updated to version 2.18.4
  - lib/jai-imageio-core.jar: new (optional) library for more image formats
  - lib/jai-imageio-jpeg2000.jar: new (optional) library for JPEG2000 image format
  - script/buildPluginImageViewer.xml: added dependency on bz-image.jar
  - script/buildPluginPdfViewer.xml: added dependency on bz-image.jar
- package net.boarderzone.gui.widget:
  - DirectoryTreePanel: fixed context menu action to create a file from clipboard
    contents to remove transparency layer when writing a .jpg file from an image
- package net.boarderzone.image.tool: new package
  - ImageIOHelper: new utility class for dynamically loading ImageIO plugins
    - optimized extracted code (from ImageViewer plugin) to:
      - continure registering plugins in case one of them fails
      - only register a plugin if no other instance is already registered
        (even from a different class loader)
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.imageviewer:
  - added support for image/jpeg2000
  - ImageBrowserHandlerDependency.xml: added dependency on bz-image.jar
  - ImageViewer: extracted code to dynamically load ImageIO plugins into new
    utility class ImageIOHelper (see above)
  - added support for image/jpeg2000
  - ImageViewerHandlerDependency.xml: added dependency on bz-image.jar
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.pdfviewer:
  - PdfViewer: added support for reading JPEG-2000 images in PDF documents
    => this fixes the error "Support classes for JPEG2000 decoding not installed"
       being reported on standard out (stack trace) when opening such PDF files
  - PdfViewerHandlerDependency.xml: updated to version 2.18.4
- package
  - CertificateVerificationTool:
    - fixed to treat a certificate as invalid in case its signer is invalid
      (e.g. don't treat a certificate as 'verified' if its signer is expired)
    - added logging during verification process
- package
  - JceCertViewerPanel: optimized to only verify once except when invalid
  - JceCodeSignerPanel: fixed to pass intermediate certificates to viewer
    for proper chain verification support

version: 0.16.642
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2016-05-05 19:14:39
status:  developmental
- updated file header copyright to 2016

version: 0.16.641
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2016-05-05 18:18:13
status:  developmental
- build process:
  - updated to version 2.18.1
- package net.boarderzone.apps.file.backup:
  - FileBackupJob.xsd: fixed uniqueness constraints for "source" child elements
    within the root FileBackupJob element to have proper xml namespace applied
    => the constraints weren't really active before
- package net.boarderzone.apps.file.pgpcrypt:
  - PGPCrypt.bat: disabled CTRL-C suppression handling for safety query
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.pdfviewer:
  - DocumentInfoDialog: updated to use new getAssociatedFile() method
  - PdfViewer: updated to use new setAssociatedFile() method
  - PdfViewerHandlerDependency.xml: updated to version 2.18.1
    => this fixes the bug which prevented content copying from PDFs which didn't
       have the "Content Copying For Accessibility" flag set while the
       "Content Copying" was set (strange but valid combination)
- package net.boarderzone.util:
  - DirInfoV1.xsd: added name uniqueness constraint for directory children
  - DirInfoV2.xsd: added name uniqueness constraint for directory children

version: 0.16.640
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2015-07-31 17:58:50
status:  developmental
- build process:
  - lib/twelvemonkeys-imageio.jar: new (optional) library for more image formats
  - updated to version 2.17.1
- product:
  - FileBrowser:
    - added MIME type config for newly supported image types
- package net.boarderzone.apps.sound.mp3tool:
  - MP3Tool: added support for new option "rewrite-suppress-vbr"
  - MP3ToolConfig.xml: added new option "rewrite-suppress-vbr" to suppress writing
    the first found VBR info "tag" audio frame. useful for discarding such tags in
    case they are invalid and cannot be fixed with the "rewrite-fix-xing" option.
    A new such header can subsequently be added with the "rewrite-add-xing" option
    which will then synthesize the possible fields from the found audio data.
- package
  - added OIDs for EV-certificates
- package net.boarderzone.gui.util:
  - ImageTool: added method flip()
- package net.boarderzone.modules.geomap: new module with utilities for geographic maps
- package net.boarderzone.plugin:
  - PluginTool: fixed to prevent double classpath entries when creating the
    class loaders for a plugin (seems the manifest entries are now put into
    a parent class loader automatically)
    => this significantly reduces memory footprint of the loaded plugins ...
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.geomapviewer:
  new FileHandler to view geographic maps
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.imageviewer:
  - added manifest classpath entry to lib/twelvemonkeys-imageio.jar
  - ImageViewer: added support for registering the (optional) ImageIO image reader
    plugins from the (FileHandler-plugin-)classpath.
    => note that the twelvemonkeys-imageio.jar requires at least JDK 1.7, so these
       new formats will not be supported on JDKs 1.5 and 1.6 (although the FileHandler
       will still work, but only with the default ImageIO format support)
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.javacodesnippeteditor:
  - JavaCodeSnippetEditor: added support for stopping execution
  - ExecuteAction: fixed to output proper info text
  - StopExecutionAction: new action
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.jcetool:
  - AddEntryWizard: added support for new wizard steps
  - AddEntryWizardState: added support for new wizard steps
  - AddEntryWizardStepAddImportedKey: new terminal wizard step to add imported keys
  - AddEntryWizardStepConfirmCertificateRequest: added support for SubjectAltName extension
  - AddEntryWizardStepEnterAlternativeName: new wizard step for SubjectAltName extension
  - AddEntryWizardStepEnterCertificateProfile:
    - fixed a NullPointerException (without consequences) that occurred when opening
      the wizard while an unlocked SecretKey was selected in the list
    - added button to randomize serial number
  - AddEntryWizardStepEnterDistinguishedName:
    - fixed ordering of OU and O components
    - added support for new wizard step to enter SubjectAltName
  - AddEntryWizardStepGenerateCertificateRequest: added support for SubjectAltName extension
  - AddEntryWizardStepImportCertificate: added support for derivations
  - AddEntryWizardStepImportKey: implemented
  - AddEntryWizardStepImportKeyCertificate: new wizard step to import a key certificate
  - AddEntryWizardStepIssueCertificate: added support for SubjectAltName extension
  - AddEntryWizardStepSelectOperation: enabled ImportKeyStep
  - JceKeyStoreEditor:
    - added support for new wizard steps
    - added action button for toggling usage of truststore
  - JceKeyStoreViewer: added support for toggling usage of truststore
- package net.boarderzone.plugins.filehandler.pdfviewer:
  - CopyPageImageFeature: new feature to copy the current page as image to the clipboard
  - PdfViewerFeatures.txt: updated to incorporate changes of new BFO library version
  - PdfViewerHandlerDependency.xml: updated to version 2.17.1
- package
  - AlternativeName: new utility class
  - CertificateBuilder: added (limited) support for SubjectAltName extension
  - CertificateProfile: added (limited) support for SubjectAltName extension
  - PKCS10CertificateRequest: added (limited) support for SubjectAltName extension
- package
  - JceCertViewerPanel: added support for toggling usage of truststore
- package net.boarderzone.sound.cddb:
  - CddbEntry: fixed to support trailing whitespace after revision upon parsing
- package net.boarderzone.sound.mp3:
  - MP3Writer: added support for suppressing the first VBR info "tag" audio frame
- package net.boarderzone.util:
  - PropertyFile: fixed to allow null file name upon store
  - TimeInterval: added method parseDuration()

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