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-- name       : ReleaseNews.txt
-- project    : BoarderZone: Development Environment
-- created    : Leon Poyyayil - 2008-04-09
-- language   : English
-- environment: the human readers mind ... ;-)
-- copyright  : (c) 1990-2021 by Leon Poyyayil (private), Switzerland
-- license    : this is free software licensed under the GPL. see COPYING

This file contains a description of the major changes between builds of the applications which are relevant to end users.
See BuildNews.txt for a more detailed description of these changes and bug-fixes.
See doc/BuildVersioning.txt for a more detailed description of how to read it.

version: 0.21.821
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2021-06-30 00:13:47
status:  release
- bug-fixes
- FileHandler plugins:
  - CborXmlEditor: new plugin to edit CBOR data as XML
  - JceKeyStoreViewer: added support for loading the contents of ICAO
    MasterList files which contain Country Signing CA certificates
  - JceKeyStoreEditor: use PKCS#10 extensions in certificate issuance wizard
  - JsonEditor: new plugin for specialized JSON editing capabilities
  - PKCS10Viewer: added tab with extension request details

version: 0.21.820
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2021-06-21 02:28:40
status:  developmental
- starting with this release a JDK 1.8 compatible JVM is required for execution
- AcmeClient: migrated to latest version of ACME library to support v2 protocol
- FileHandler:
  - added support for encoding files to Base45 and raw ZLib
- FileHandler plugins:
  - JceCertViewer: added new tab with certificate extensions
  - JceKeyStoreEditor:
    - added new tab with certificate extensions
    - added support for SAN variants UPN and DC-GUID in wizard
    - added new wizard step to enter custom extensions
  - JceKeyStoreViewer: added new tab with certificate extensions
  - MSCertTplEditor: new file handler to edit MS certificate template XML files
  - PackViewer: added support for decoding Base45 and raw ZLib encoded files

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