Revision History
Revision 0.21.8272022-08-09lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.19.7832018-05-25lep
Added actions to en/decode URL characters.
Revision 0.15.6202015-03-19lep
Added actions to right-click popup menu to directly convert between Hex and Base64.
Revision 0.13.5742014-09-03lep
Added context menu action to remove duplicate lines ('unique').
Revision 0.13.5732014-08-30lep
Moved some commands from the toolbar to a new context menu.
Revision 0.13.5712014-08-22lep
Changed to set as modified when changing the encoding.
Revision 0.12.5502012-04-13lep

Changed keyboard shortcuts:

  • ALT-DOWN: to lower case (removed mapping to CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN, collided with selection)

  • ALT-UP: to upper case (removed mapping to CTRL-SHIFT-UP, collided with selection)

  • CTRL-ALT-RIGHT: to title case

Revision 0.12.5462011-01-01lep
Added action to expand (app-) variables in selected text.
Revision 0.12.5452010-10-10lep
Added support for displaying and changing the line ending.
Revision 0.11.5212009-09-23lep
Added action to reverse lines.
Revision 0.11.5202009-07-23lep
Added action to insert a UUID.
Revision 0.10.5062009-06-06lep
Added action to convert selection/all to title case.
Revision 0.9.4862008-08-14lep
Support for scrolling in the toolbar.
Revision 0.9.4852008-07-24lep
Support for Unicode Byte-Order-Marks and encoding selection.
Revision 0.8.4612008-04-12lep
Completed help documentation.
Revision 0.8.4562007-11-11lep
Initial version.