Revision History
Revision 0.21.8272022-08-09lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.21.8212021-06-26lep
Added support for .ml ICAO MasterList files.
Revision 0.21.8202021-05-17lep
Added new tab with certificate extensions.
Revision 0.20.8032020-06-14lep
  • Added support for .hsm files to handle HSM KeyStores.

  • Added support for .p11 files to handle PKCS#11 KeyStores.

Revision 0.18.7442017-05-14lep
  • Added support for additional MIME types.

  • Changed to prevent changes on read-only cert store instances.

  • Changed to sort entries by alias.

Revision 0.18.7432017-05-11lep
  • Added support for display of more SAN & EKU alternatives.

  • Added support for highlighting entries by string matching.

Revision 0.15.6242015-04-26lep
  • Separated display of key PEM into new Key tab.

  • Support for keystores of type "BKS".

Revision 0.15.6212015-03-27lep
  • New tab to view the entries of the chain certificate list in a subdialog.

  • Changed to not include the chain certificate PEMs in the PEM tab anymore as they are available via the new chain tab.

Revision 0.14.5932015-01-31lep
  • Support for checking integrity by prompting for keystore password.

  • Support for keystores of types "JCEKS" and "PKCS12".

  • Support for trust evaluation.

  • Support for display of symmetric secret key entries.

  • Display certificate chain on PrivateKey entries.

Revision 0.9.4802008-04-24lep
Initial version.